Monday, November 24, 2008

Why not study in Singapore?

Yesterday's My Paper reported on the Health Promotion Board (HPB)'s new poster girl Miss Felicia Chua for this year's National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign. Miss Chua, previously from Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC), will as a youth ambassador, help to plan and run events and workshops for young people on behalf of the HPB.

It was further reported that Miss Chua will be heading on to Melbourne to study Medicine at Monash University.

I wonder why she has to go to Monash to study Medicine? Was our National University of SIngapore (NUS) not good enough? Or was she not good enough for our NUS?

Although her academic performance was not mentioned, Miss Chua impressed with not just with her intelligence, but her compassion and social consciousness. She will make a fine doctor one day.
I wonder how our NUS medical school here selects students for the medical course? Has our fixation of academic grades blinded us to recognizing the softer attributes that go towards making a good doctor? Has the shift towards producing award winning clinician scientists blinded the school to the core mission of producing excellent medical practitioners?

I understand though, the school admission system has a selection interview. I wonder how this is done? Did Miss Chua fail the interview? How did the school miss out on selecting Miss Chua for the medical course?

I wonder.......


nofearSingapore said...

Getting into Med School is akin to striking lottery.
Rumours have it that:
The faculty staff and interview board short lists the candidates and the PMO ( Prime Minister's Office) makes the final admission decision based to criteria only known to them.
So many candidates get admission letters from Cambridge and London but get rejected from NUS! It's true!
I think the Law Fac may also have same set-up.

gigamole said...

heh....don't know enough about the procedure to comment on it. All I know is what I see, that we get a lot of wackos coming through the system that shouldn't be there, and lots who should but denied the opportunity.

There is an interview system that suppose to screen for attributes, but I recently met a real wacko doctor who told me he was on the interview panel. So there you are....!

york said...

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