Friday, November 14, 2008

Human organ trade - mind blowing...!!!

The revelation that really blew my mind, was that, to date, bona fide altruistic donors had to foot all their own expenses for the donation. This was unbelievable!! I had not realized this before, and I must admit I was really offended and angry to realize this. I mean, how money minded and calculative a society have we become? Someone steps forward, to altruistically donate his/her kidney, and the hospital says....."...step this way know we can't really accept your kidney unless you can pay for your own medical and surgical costs!" And all this while we hear the hospitals, nephrologists and transplant surgeons preaching to us about altruism and how many lives we are going to save if more people willing came forward and gave their kidneys for free....of course, as long as they can pay their 'A' class hospital bills.

These people should be the very least they should come forward and tell us why they have been making their fortunes off the backs of altruistic organ donors.

Shouldn't the cost of donor related procedures be waived by the hospital, or at the very least, be borne by the recipient? These are the beneficiaries of the donor's altruism.

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