Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Human organ trade - a necessary evil? Fait accompli #2

In a relatively small report we see that the Ministry of Health has accepted the Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC)'s recent report of the 'donation of human eggs for research'. Ho hum....was there any reason to doubt that the MoH will accept the recommendations? Singapore is after all, a very agreeable society. It would seem quite expected that the BAC would not issue a disagreeable recommendation, and that all this would have been 'cham sionged' all the way through already.

Few things are left to chance in our very agreeable society.
I just wonder what else has been cham sionged away already, and I wait with bated breath for more news. I am quite sure, the MoH will very quickly push through all the well thought through initiatives. And I am quite resigned to having all this rammed down our throats in the 'spirit of public consultations' etc....sigh.....

Watch this space for more to come...


auntielucia said...

Dear Doc: I wld like to share with you my thoughts on euthanasia. Pse delete this after you've read, as I don't want u to think I'm using your blog to promote mine. Thanks..

gigomole said...

No need to delete, Auntielucia. :). I am happy to promote your blog.

I read your thoughts with much interest. I am steeling myself to make a post on that very difficult topic. So do come back and visit when you can.

I have included you in my links. Perhaps you could add me to yours.

auntielucia said...

Hi Doc,
Thank you!

Couldn't find the link you gave to my site/post, perhaps because I find the background color (black) of your site a bit hard on the eyes. I need to hi-lite yr text in order to read your very sensitive writing.

Yes, I've added you in a group of links, of blogs written by conventional and non-conventional healers.

Have a great week-end. L

gigomole said...

:) Your link is somewhere bottom of right column, under Other Blogs/Singapore girl.)

Take care.

auntielucia said...

Hi Doc: Yup! Found link and thanks. Just my 2 cents worth: your site is very well worth visiting but I think some visitors may be put off a little by the black background. It would increase the accessibility hugely if you can lighten the background color and at the same time darken yr your font face color. As you use blogger, there should be no problem abt customising your CSS.. unlike Wordpress where we have to live with minimum customisation for "free" users/loaders like me.. hehe! Have a great week ahead!

gigamole said...

Thanks for your feedback. Will try and see how to improve on the template.In the meantime I have whitened the text and also increased the font size. Hopefully will improve readability.