Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can $1000 buy my family back?

Early this morning over my regular teh see siew dai, I read this heart-wrenching winning essay from the recent Great Eastern 'Life is Great' competition, written by Miss Claudia Lim of Anglican High School. I am reproducing it here because it is so powerful in its message to us busy and self absorbed adults and parents. (Other assays can be found at the Great Eastern Life is Great site.)

We really need to listen to our children more.

My response to Claudia, ...'Hang in there, girl...keep the faith. It is difficult but you have the strength and obviously the spirit to weather this.'

And to
Claudia's parents, '.....you have a real gem of a daughter. Try to not let her down....

If I had one thousand dollars, I would be able to go to many places, try many things and buy accessories and toys that I have long wanted. However, after prioritising and sorting out everything in my wish list, I realise that there was one that was more important than the rest, one that was actually needed, one that was worth spending a thousand dollars on.

My family is in dispute. It involves my parents and my paternal grandparents. In the past, everyone would be happily chatting, laughing heartily and playing together when we meet. It was indeed a happy family anyone would wish for. However everything was changed. This happy family of mine is now a dull and cold family. You could easily tell that the adults are embroiled in cold wars when you feel the tensed atmosphere between them.

Everyone seems so tired, stressed and restless nowadays. No one tries and salvage the problem among them. Once I overheard Father telling Mother, "They claim that they have no time to talk, what else can I do?" No time, is the excuse everyone is giving to avoid the problem. Since they claim that they have no time, I will find time for them.

If I had a thousand dollars, I would use it for a day out with my whole family. I would use the money to buy food or a picnic at the beach, and other expenses for the day. Firstly, we would take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, where the children take one capsule while the adults another. Up in the Singapore Flyer, they would definitely feel more relaxed with the beautiful scenery and blur skies around them. Perhaps they will be able to sit down and talk to one another calmly.

After the beautiful scenic ride, we would proceed to the D24 durian stall at Joo Chiat Road, My family loves the durians there and would definitely engage in conversation while feasting on the delicious durians.

Then we would move on to the beach for the picnic. As we eat, we would watch the magnificent sunset. At this point of time, the adults should have already forgiven each other for the mistakes that they have made.

As the sky gets darker, we shall go for a karaoke. Karaoke always brightens up the mood in our family. Everyone would enjoy themselves, singing and laughing. At the end of the day, hopefully as all of us go home, tired but contented, to be one whole happy family again.

I strongly believe a simple day out will help to bond the family even more. Kinship is very important. Anyone could plan this, but the adults are not willing to take the initiative and children have no money to do it. A thousand dollars will definitely be put to good use. As for the remaining money, I will save it in the bank for a rainy day, or just in case history repeats itself.

- Claudia Lim, Anglican High School


auntielucia said...

Sori to appear disagreeable. But I'm shocked the young lady is washing dirty family linen in public. Now as for needing $1K to heal family wounds, surely that's too dependent on some grand gesture to bring the adults together. What's wrong with the kid digging into her piggy bank to throw a giam-nging porridge party or making small handicraft gifts for trhe adults involved.

Btw will share with u more of my thots on MAS and the suckers affected by the bank-distributed products when I get my thought together. Thank u for not thinking me a first-rate BXXXX!

gigamole said...

:) Be kind, AuntieLucia...

She's a child and wrote with the maturity of a child. But she wrote from her heart.

The biggest mistake we can make is to be distracted by her apparent lack of maturity, and miss completely the cry of distress.

Areia Naraenil said...

Sometimes children are more mature than adults :)

gigamole said...

yep....'from the mouth of babes...'!