Thursday, November 20, 2008

Melamine hysteria #9 - ...sigh....

TODAY carried a small report by Neo Chai Chin on the ensuing melamine saga. Melamine has pretty much been eclipsed by the unfolding financial tsunami nowadays. Good thing I suppose for the AVA... :)

But what caught my eye was a small reference to a comment made by Marketing manager Roger Seah of importer Meng Chong Foodstuffs- "
the public would be assured if the AVA released a product-by product list of what it found to be melamine-free. Such a list would be lengthy but consumers won’t mind”.

These comments resonate with what I have articulated before. I wonder why Agri-Food and Vet Authority (AVA) cannot be more transparent and forthcoming about this. I wish they would stop playing these 'games', and just come out and tell us what they have done, and passed and what they have not. We know they cannot do everything all at once, but why not tell us the score. Just be transparent. Seems like that's asking too much. Sigh...!

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