Friday, November 7, 2008

Human organ trade - a necessary evil....NMEC???

A really funny thing happened to me just now on my way to the toilet. I heard a report over Channel NewsAsia that the National Medical Ethics Committee (NMEC) has proudly declared its acceptance of the recent Bioethics Advisory Committee's recommendations on the egg donation thingy. It's now carried on the news portal and in the Straits Times.

A very funny thing this NMEC. It was a committee set up in 1994 by the Ministry of Health "to assist the medical profession in addressing ethical issues in medical practice and to ensure a high standard of ethical practice in Singapore". But somewhere along the way, they seem have become lost. Even the Ministry of Health doesn't seem to want to know they exist. I tried Googling them and came up empty. No information. Zilch. The Ministry of Health portal has no links leading to any information about this Committee. The BAC site carried a dead link.

I don't know if they still have a mandate anymore...who they are and what they do nowadays.

What is very telling is that the MoH apparently proclaimed acceptance of the BAC recommendations without seeming to have consulted with them. Today the NMEC then kind of sheepishly accepted the recommendations....kind of after the fact. I mean, could they have said 'No', after the Ministry had accepted the recommendations?

Who is the NMEC, I wonder? Why does the Ministry of Health, who birthed them, not seem to know they exist?

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