Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrightia religiosa - the humble 'shui mei'

Wrightia religiosa 'shui mei' 水梅

Here is a photograph I took of the shui mei 水梅 in my garden. When it was recently in bloom the garden was just so delightfully fragrant. These flowers I photographed were from the tail end of their blooming cycle. But they are just as lovely.

I have started a blog to share my photographic efforts, called "Tears of an angel". Do drop in and have a look.


Anonymous said...

very pretty. :)

gigamole said...

Thank you... :)

Mr Neutral said...

Where can we get shui mei in Singapore? I need more fragrance in my life. :)

gigamole said...

You can get them from just about any nurseries in Singapore. They are usually in the 'bonsai' section, but can also be found as potted shrubs.

There are interesting variants such as the ones with variegated leaves, and another with a double layer of petals.

Let me know if you have problems finding them still, and I can probably direct you to specific nurseries.

Mr Neutral said...

Thank you. I'm going out to look for my shui mei this afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...


I am looking for double petal shui mei.
Would you be so kind as to share where I can get a small pot in Singapore?