Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did Paris Jackson actually cry?

Like many other people on this pathetic planet, I was compelled to sit through Michael Jackson's memorial event. It was a bit of a circus - but this was an American production was it not? I didn't really mind because after all, despite the poor guys flaws, he was an enormous talent, and as many had attested was probably the most influential and talented performer in our lifetime, and possibly ever, .... especially since MTV.

What was really bizarre though was when his daughter Paris actually came forward to speak, and when she cried.

Now, please don't flame me for what I want to point out. I just ask you to be objective about this.

The first thing that struck me, and did so with the force of a hurricane was that she made all the appropriate noises and sounds like she was crying, but I didn't really see her cry. Now, I am not saying this to take away or belittle the grief of the little girl, but it was so blatantly obvious that there was not a single tear drop. And neither were her eyes red. Was there any snot? No.

Essentially, I didn't see Paris Jackson cry.

Here's the funny thing. Everyone was primed to cry. Everyone was primed to see people cry. And when she spoke, the tears were already welling up. It didn't really take very much for Paris Jackson to move everyone to cry in sympathy.

But in honesty I didn't really see her cry.

Again, I ask you to be objective. Go and watch the video again and again. Do you actually see her cry? Now, again I am not suggesting she was insincere or exploitative, or was being manipulated etc....she may have had a gazillion valid reasons, and she was entitled to all those reasons..... but fact of the matter is I don't think she was crying.

And I wasn't the only one to notice this. See here.

The 19C Italian poet, Antonio Porchia wrote: "More grievous than tears is the sight of them."

Perhaps, in this case, even more so, when you don't see them.


auntielucia said...

I tend to agree with you. I caught a glimpse of the little girl and was amazed that her voice was so mature...altho like everyone else, I'm sorry to learn of MJ's death. I only wish that during his troubles he had as much support back then as he now has garnered in death. Yet, more troubling to me is that his early and sudden death seems as inevitable as the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. Perhaps for those who catch the public imagination, their ultimate fate is as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise?

gigamole said...

hehehe....not so bad lah, AuntieL.

It's true, they say the good die young....but then so do the bad and all else in between!!

The important thing is for us to number our days, and live everyday as if it were our last.

As a famous non-terrestrial greeted, "Live long and prosper".


auntielucia said...

I find it very pessimistic to say "live every day as tho it's yr last". If that were the case, I'm sure i wld be petrified into inaction.

I prefer my self injunction: live everyday as tho it's my first: i'm filled with wonder and happy anticipation!

Have a good Sunday!

Btw I only meant that such sudden ends are inevitable for the "greats" of news headlines like MJ and BB...

The rest of us just fade unnoticed into the sunset...

gigamole said...

...fading quietly into the sunset isn't that bad, I think. Big bang or small bang....we all walk through those gates on our own. And I blieve quite naked too,lah!


Bird said...

i agree, of course at first she had me crying too, but after watching it over and over,,AND REALLY LOOKING AT IT, i noticed,,no tears, no red nose, no hand coming up to wipe the tears. if she was cryed out, after building herself up to the point she did, there should have been tears, welling,,brook cried like a banshee.

gigamole said...

:) in any case, she has become a rather wealthy fatherless little girl. I hope for her sake, someone is protecting her from the vultures hovering around.