Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HSA, cell therapies and conflicts of interests...

As if providing an example on cue, for what I had recently been posting on the potential conflicts of interests in our regulatory agencies, the HSA announces the setting up of a S$9 million facility for cell processing.

Now, I am not arguing against the need for such a facility....just the appropriateness of parking such a facility in the HSA.

HSA is our regulatory authority for health sciences and health services. By owning such a large service facility, does it not create conflicts of interests within the organization? How will it view commercial units who may intend to offer similar services? How will it ensure, that the services offered are at the best value for MOH hospitals? What would be fair value for patients? How would it regulate supply to non-MOH entities? How about best practices? Will it be able to ensure, its own facility operates according to best practices? Who will audit them?

Wouldn't it be wiser (but perhaps not as expedient) to have it operate as a stand alone unit, perhaps with the entire hived-off Blood Services Group, so that they will be more independently accountable.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Sorry for the typo

HSA is losing their focus? or is it the power of commercialization.

In this day and life, everyone is thinking of making their KPIs work, even when they are wrong KPI in the first place.

Lets wait and see.. but do bear in mind that the $9 million are all tax payers money and should be spent wisely..

or otherwise.. haha