Sunday, July 5, 2009

So we won't repeal Section 377A?

Is it a cause for celebration? Not really.

The inconsistency in the law is not something we can be proud of. And I am saying this even though I do not agree with the homosexuality arguments.

But Minister Shanmugam's position is a pragmatic one. And for that I respect him, and the government he represents, that they can be mature enough in his/their thinking not to be too fixated on a course of action that is inflexibly bound with ideological correctness. He is right in stating the obvious, that ..."We, sometimes in these things, have to accept a bit of messiness."

Yep. Applies to both sides of the argument.


Anonymous said...

"If the majority of our population is against homosexuality, then it's not for the government to say we are going to force something against the wishes of the people," the Today newspaper quoted Shanmugam as saying.

What if the majority of Singaporeans don't want a casino here, will the government listen to us? Or any other issues? It's always been a top-down-do-what-we-tell-we-know-whats-best practice in Singapore.

Minister Shanmugam's position is not a pragmatic one, it is a biased one.

gigamole said...

I think both those decisions are very pragmatic ones. Pragmatism doesn't have to be agreeable, or populist.