Thursday, June 11, 2009

WHO declares pandemic!!

WHO declares pandemic!!


Anonymous said...

i'm not so worried about H1N1 conquering Earth. But more worried about H5N1 acquiring the ability to conquer and propagate in human from the former.

H1N1 was a surprise when the focus was on H5N1. Now all seem to focus on the former.........

From the recent MRT-swine-993-ambulance incident, it is obvious that the software(attitude) is not in place. This is the only reason to panick.

gigamole said...

I agree. But you see, that's bound to happen when we pretend a mild virus is dangerous. After a while people boh chap. I am not so sure that the facilities are not ready....just that attitudinally many people just kinda switched off with regards the pandemic protocols because they don't really see the seriousness no matter what proclamations go out.

Now how to get people serious about a declared 'pandemic'?