Friday, June 19, 2009

H1N1 (aka American flu) - puhleeez MOH, containment or mitigation??

So we are now confirmed to have breached the century mark. WHO had long before (seems like history now, doesn't it?) declared the pandemic. Yet MOH persists with a defunct containment strategy.

Could it be that MOH is testing the limits of it's capabilities to cope in a 'real' serious pandemic? If so, well, let me inform the MOH that we have already exceeded our capacity to cope. Alarming isn't it? We can't even cope with 103 cases.

  • Quarantine facilities are bursting at the seems. Only for foreigners, I am told. I think Aloha Loyang will soon resemble a refugee camp.
  • Local contacts serve the quarantine at home, - I suppose so that they can continue to infect their family members.
  • Meanwhile their family members continue to move freely and therefore are free to infect the world at large.
  • Even when quarantined at home, the Home Quarantine Orders are served so late as to be meaningless.
  • CDC sends home infected patients, only to readmit them again. Read about Filipino worker, unlinked case.
  • Contact tracings are delayed.
  • and six hundred 993 calls per day??
I think it's quite clear that the system is not coping and that inadequate provisions had been made, despite all the claims of our readiness. I guess it should be time to go back to the drawing board, MOH.

Containment or mitigation, MOH? Maybe it's time to go to mitigation. Unless of course, the real reason for delaying is that we are still trying to get our mitigation resources up to scratch.


Anonymous said...

Giga, mayb MOH isn't taking the situation seriously enuff n mayb just going thru the motions of seeming to be doing something?

Mid-week I dropped my mum n her maid off for a specialist check-up at TTSH's entrance next to the pharmacy. As they were getting out, a masked traffic warden/security guard came near our car and said something; then repeated the word a couple of times.

Mum n maid looked mystified and I leant over to better hear. And I got it!

"He said "quaranntine, mum", I hollered, loud enough for the chap to hear. He grinned (or that's what it looked like behind his mask) and moved off!

Not sure what his intention was to give that info but my eyes at last "saw" and realised the meaning of the masked n paper gowned men hovering outside a mini van (in front of my car) with a few masked individuals in it meant.

Yet that info was passed with more mirth than sorrow or fear -- like a comedy of errors!

gigamole said...

haha....yah....sounds just like what's happening most places. There's a real disconnect between public messages of caution etc and the seriousness of the 'pandemic' and what happens on the ground.

A recent contact with a case, notified the MOH, but was not formally contacted by the contact tracing team until about 2 days after the exposure, and by the quarantine team almost 3 days after the exposure to serve the home quarantine orders. And they arrived by Taxi!!

The taxi bit was really amusing.