Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Human Organs - The new entrepot trade?

Singapore made it's reputation in the past upon being an entrepot trader. Buy from the region... sell to the world.

Now that we have legislated (and there was never really any doubt the Act would be passed) it is really all up to the Ministry of Health to determine how this whole thing about organ trade will develop. Yep, organ trade. Because no matter how you choose to define it, when you provide money in exchange for goods, that's trade.

I am not against appropriate compensation for organ donors. This would be fair and just. But it was never discussed if there was some other way to ensure fairness to donors. Was a 'purchase' the only way to do this? The Minister has opened a can of worms. The challenge is how to prevent it from degenerating into a free trade. By opening the system to foreign donors and foreign recipients, no matter how we want to camouflage the process, this will become an entrepot trade.

Sadly, once we go through this door, there is really no way to backtrack. I wish we had spent more time discussing this. As a society I think we will regret rushing into this.


nofearSingapore said...

I have written to the Forum page about the "organ-trading" legislation.
I am keeping fingers crosses that it will be published soon.
Will post it the moment it is published ( or rejected)

gigamole said...

Looking forward to your letter. If you send me a copy when you are ready to post, I can mirror it here.