Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dr Lee Wei Ling's bemused ranting about living kidney donors

Dr Lee Wei Ling is back in the news with a letter to the Forum page essentially attacking doctors who are uncomfortable with the organ trade. She accused wary doctors of being afraid of being labelled professional pariahs in the international community. "....groan"

Not a very fair attack I must say. Somewhat childish, I might add. I mean, to resort to name calling just to make your point. Tsk Tsk, she should know better.

The resistance to the organ trade isn't about providing reimbursements. It is about designing and implementing a system whereby there can be appropriate and just compensations without allowing the system to degenerate into a crass free for all, cash for organ trade where the rich sick can exploit the poor and defenseless. Because that would be a system where wealth justifies any manner of abuse.

Think again, Dr Lee.

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