Friday, September 28, 2012

"You ignore me, how, how, how?"

Sounds like the plaintive cry of a woman scorned. And we all know enough to beware that woman scorned.

Yet, often we Singaporeans are made to feel like the woman scorned. By the gahmen (and their extensions) we love. Gigamole feels that way sometimes. Important issues brought up often meet that deadly wall of silence. The icy stare. The cold shoulder.

Issues that continue to bounce off the wall of silence::

a] Illegal street racing. All we hear are the Ferrari engines that continue to roar down our city streets in the dead of night.

b] Lab explosions in the NUS. A lab accident after another, yet the Ministry of Manpower, for all their new empowerment through the WSH Act, and the NUS, continue to maintain their walls of silence.
c] Research misconduct. The Alirio Melendez story came and went. Yet for all Singapore's vaunted push for research integrity, the Melendez related dirt seems to have been conveniently swept under the carpet.

d] Unregulated wacko medical devices. The HSA sweeps some more dust under the carpet as they maintain their wall of silence of some pretty disturbing information about medical devices let loose in Singapore.

e] Disbarred doctors who can practice in Singapore. The latest question mark that needs to be unmarked by the Singapore Medical Council. Don't hold your breath waiting for an ans They'll intubate you!

You ignore me, how, how, how?

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