Saturday, September 29, 2012

The PSLE should merely be a competency exam!

In case the point had been lost before, Gigamole is saying it again. The PSLE should remain, but only as a competency exam. We have compulsory primary school education in Singapore, and a competency exam is required at Primary Six so that we can be assured that all children have achieved a minimum level of education when they leave Primary Six to go to secondary school. There is really no necessity to grade this exam.

Gigamole cannot understand why secondary schools should be allowed to select students based on grades. If you are a good secondary school, prove it by the product that leaves the school, not by the students admitted to the school. All this talk of de-banding the secondary schools is hogwash, and a red herring to the discussion. The schools' reputation will become known in time, with or without banding. What credit is there to the school if it is enrolling only the best performers at PSLE? The Ministry of Education in retaining the graded PSLE seems to only be interested in protecting the positions of established elite secondary schools.

Please protect our your children by removing this unnecessarily competitive exams from their educational experience. There is more than ample opportunity to compete after they have left primary school. Shifting the competitiveness in education later will also be fairer to students who are naturally late bloomers.

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