Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The jaw dropping revelation about NUH's Dr Jay Jiade Lu

Gigamole was not the only one taken aback by the revelations about Dr Jay Lu's past history of being stricken off from the medical register in Florida. The relative silence from the medical community cannot be taken as a general lack of concern. Rather it reflects the discomfort many doctors have about pointing fingers at one of their colleagues. At least publicly.

The issue however should not be lightly dismissed and swept under the carpet.

The Singapore Medical Council has made it very clear that all applicants for registration must have a certificate of good standing and must not be under complaints, pending investigations or any disciplinary actions. That Dr Lu was actually under investigation at the time he applied for registration seems evident. Furthermore, there is no doubt that he failed to 'fess up when he was struck off the register in Florida.  He had a free run for 11 years.

NUHS and NCISs' big heartedness in publicly forgiving Dr Lu is laudable but grossly misplaced. But this is not a Jean Valjean story. The Singapore Medical Council cannot prevaricate in this instance and must act decisively.The damage done institutionally and nationally cannot be easily undone.


Anonymous said...

How can you be so sure that Dr Lu had done something wrong as far as registering with the SMC is concerned.

Dr John Wong is a highly regarded oncologist and director of NCIS and he seemed to have supported and accepted Lu way back in 2003.

And I am sure Dr John Wong checked his background etc before accepting LU.

gigamole said...

NUH had issued a statement admitting there was a problem but defended Dr Lu on the basis of 11 years of good service. So this issue does not appear to be in doubt.

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