Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More on mammograms

Singapore M.D. reminded us about the recent guidance provided by the US Preventive Services Task Force on the relative uselessness of mammograms. No doubt the post was instigated by Minister Khaw's recent blog on the use of medisave for mammograms.

I had posted on this previously. I hope rational thinking will prevail here, and that we return to a clearer practice of evidence-based medicine.

Seems like too much of recent public health utterances have been based on fear mongering rather evidences of real therapeutic benefits. "Do this, or you will get cancer, or die....and it will be all your fault" seems to be the mantra, nowadays. One wonders if the rationale is driven by altruist concern for patient's well being, or just commercial returns.


MM SZ said...

Thanks Gigamole. Linked under, 'Health'.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Gig:
Fear mongering is as old as the black sheep in our profession.
How many times have I heard from patients who see me for second opinion that:
Dr X said that if I did not operate on my Y at the soonest opportunity, I will get brain abscess/ facial paralysis and a painful death if I do not operate on my Y ( which I had for the last 85 years of my life)!
Fear is a good tool- I think they did not teach that when I was in med school! ( or maybe I skipped that lecture)

gigamole said...

I had to scold my orthopod for trying to stick an arthroscope into my knee, cos he said I would otherwise get osteoarthritis. I have since recovered happily and no osteoarthritis in sight.