Tuesday, January 12, 2010

H1N1 pandemic? Now we know what a sham it had been

I had never been convinced of the H1N1 pandemic. All the time there had been this dichotomy between the alarmist messages being spread and reality that nothing much was happening on the ground. People weren't really falling over and dying as much as the the alarmists were saying they were. Tamiflu was never as effective as they made it out to be. I think many people were also not convinced, but there was little bases to counter the pandemic signals being rung at every street corner.

Now that the pandemic that never was is pretty much over, we are beginning to hear of another reality.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Head of Health at the Council of Europe has come out to criticize the actions of the WHO, saying that "the swine flu scare was a 'false pandemic' led by drugs companies that stood to make billions from vaccines", and that "major firms organised a 'campaign of panic' to put pressure on the World Health Organisation to declare a pandemic."

Calling for a major inquiry, he called it "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century".

More of Dr Wodart's comments in his blog, here.

View Al Jazeera report here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoQN1to3C2U

Countries are now stuck with massive stockpiles of vaccines that their citizenry were too smart to want to be exposed to. Some are still trying to persuade people to go for the vaccination even though the anticipated threats had had passed. Germany and Spain have cut back on their orders for the vaccine, and Canada is either trying to sell off, or 'lend' their stocks to other countries such as Mexico.

Meanwhile the WHO is undergoing a review of how it handled thre so-called pandemic, amidst accusations of big pharma complicity. The Council of Europe's Health Commission has voted to investigate.

And some people are laughing all the way to the bank!

Sigh....... who can you believe nowadays?


Anonymous said...


A la Millennium bug?!

Anonymous said...

wow. lets see, ppl followed instructions (eg; vaccinations, herd immunity) = so no pandemic.

to claim no pandemic = WHO scaring people?

thats like scolding a doctor who instructed you on a healthly lifestyle so that you don't get obesity related diseases, after you did not get an obesity related disease 20 years later.

gigamole said...

.... :)point taken.

but, well, if you scream ghost and everyone runs away and no ghost gets reported, was there a real ghost?

Fact is as the 'pandemic' wore on there never was the fatality rate that WHO was forecasting. Even though the case fatality rate was interpreted in the broadest possible way...i.e. if a death occured in a patient with positive H1N1 (regardless if the death was related to the 'flu' or not. Today they are reluctantly 'fessing up that the fatality rate is possibly milder than the annual common flu.

So was there really a ghost..... or not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is also one of those countries with H1N1 vaccines that it's trying to convince people to go and take... but of course, Singaporeans are not stupid..