Friday, January 22, 2010

Between World Cup 2010 and Haiti...... the choice is clear

NoFearSingapore's blogger Dr Huang writes, in a sign of soccer addiction, that the MDA should fork out the $1 million to FIFA to bring us the World Cup 2010 telecasts. To me this is blatant profiteering by the soccer body. Why should be capitulate?

Meanwhile, ST's Chua Mui Hoong laments the paltry $50,000 Singapore government forwarded to Haiti's relief. So true. And so disgraceful.

I suggest as a national gesture, from both gahment and citizens, we vote to forgo the World Cup this year as a snub to FIFA, and instead divert that $1 million into an emergency humanitarian relief fund, with the first benefactor, the people of Haiti.

How about that?


ed said...

Haha! Great initiative!


angry doc said...

So is Haiti still in the World Cup?

gigamole said...

Who cares....? It's become such a commercialized rip off.

Better to stick to just watching FlashForward on TV.....

Anonymous said...

After France qualified for the World cup with a handball goal, I guess the World cup is not that worth watching anyway.

Ah Cow said...

I second that. The faster the money goes to Haiti the better.

skeptic said...

How do you know FIFA is the one making the unreasonable demand? From reading the Straits Times? They can't even get their facts right. First they say FIFA demanded 100 million. Now they say 40 million?

FIFA hasn't said anything yet. So one shouldn't be too hasty.

And I do agree with you that the donation by Singapore is pathetic. Not even 1 month worth of salary of Lee Hsien Loong. Singapore should have done more.

The thing is .. these two events are not mutually exclusive. You can still watch the world cup and donate money to Haiti. The 'either or' ultimatum is just a logical fallacy.

gigamole said...

Yeah.... it was just an opportunistic juxtaposition of two issues.

Both are pathetic. One wasteful and the other miserly.