Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MOH Weekly Infectious Disease Bulletin - cholera??

Actually I must congratulate the MOH for putting out their Weekly Infectious Disease Bulletin. It makes for fascinating reading, and I find it kinda gives me an idea of what is happening out there, away from the safe cocoon I inhabit.

For example, through the bulletin, I find out that malaria is pretty much past its spike, thanks to the efforts of the AVA. An chikungunya hasn't really gone away, though down to a very very low level. And dengue is pretty much under control. So the world's pretty safe at the moment...... except for that mysterious diarrhoea epidemic.

Then my eyes catches on single report of cholera........ yes, there was one case last week. The last case was sometime in April. Where, I wonder, did this come from? Was it imported? The guy must have been pretty sick while travelling? Or was this picked up from a local contamination? If so, where? Perhaps all that sewer contaminated water off Pasir Ris?

Who knows....

It probably is of pretty much academic interest since cholera for us shouldn't be too much of a problem to deal with. I have posted about cholera before. But it is more of an indicator of our ability to manage faecal contamination of our food and water.

So we'll find out if more cases emerge.

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