Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diarrhoea - the mystery continues

There was a total of 2716 reports of acute diarrhoea last week. Only 27 was reported as salmonellosis. One has to assume the bulk of cases were not tested, or of unknown aetiology.


angry doc said...

What do you think of this piece of news?


Unless the price of Prevnar has plummeted (or unless a large percentage of babies are already receiving it 'privately'), it seems to me a very high cost to pay to keep 70 children out of hospital a year, or prevent 7 deaths over 5 years.

gigamole said...

yeah.... I don't know how much Prevnar costs now....$170 per shot x 4? That's going to be $700 per child.

The number of deaths is not 7 in 5 years...it's 7 since 2000.

Strangely, MOH had not been reporting on pneumococcal disease until 2009. Seemed like a sudden interest.

traveller's diarrhoea said...

Lack of clean water source, education and personal hygiene - I think these tree are the main reasons why there are still cases of diarrhea especially in Asian countries and other developing countries.

People should know what is diarrhoea and how it can affect their daily lives. Its a serious health problem and should not be taken lightly. It can cause severe stomach pain and can even cause death especially to children if not taken care of properly.