Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine flu, or Influenza A (H1N1) - the pandemic that isn't ... (cont'd)

So the so called pandemic rumbles on to new highs although there appears less and less evidence that this is anything like the dangerous beast we were led to expect.

There has been only one death outside of Mexico, and it looks like the infection is not even as deadly as the seasonal flu. People are starting to react very negatively to what they perceive as unnecessary restrictions, which seem more and more like symptoms of a severe infection of the 'kiasu'-bug.

Was the global reaction justified? Yes, I think so ..... initially. But as data accumulates, the reaction looks less and less appropriate. People are beginning to complain, and are becoming less and less convinced about the necessity of all the quarantine, screening and travel restrictions. The various governments, including Singapore, should be very careful not to let this public cynicism get out of hand. They should be brave and decisive enough to say 'enough is enough'. Cukup, lah.

This so called pandemic was a false alarm. Let's pack up and go home. Sure, the virus may surface in a more virulent form. But the H1N1 was always threatening to do that anyway. Nothing new about this virus. Various strains of H1N1 are already among us. This recent strain is not any different. Heroic attempts in keeping out this very mild virus isn't going to reduce our chances of having a serious (real) pandemic in the future. In fact letting this virus circulate may in fact create a stronger herd immunity against a future more virulent reassembled strain of H1N1.

There are dangers in crying wolf.

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