Saturday, May 30, 2009

5th H1N1 (aka American flu) case in Singapore... hmmm ....worry or don't worry?

We we now have 5 cases of H1N1 in Singapore.

It's kinda surreal isn't it? I think we should worry...oh no, we shouldn't worry. It's life as per normal...oh no, it cannot be normal, we must be careful. Is it a pandemic? Not a pandemic? Or a qualified pandemic? Is the sky falling? Who knows anymore?

I think the regulatory authorities, and health ministries, including the WHO and our own MOH have kinda painted themselves into a corner, don't you think? Is it ever going to get better? Obviously not, because the number of cases will just increase until the virus loses steam. Maybe then we can live outside our artificially constructed bubble. What if it doesn't? Well, I think we got to get used to living in our bubble, cos the WHO too 'paiseh' to admit they got it wrong.

I wonder if anyone is keeping track of the economic costs of maintaining this charade?


auntielucia said...

I've been out and about today, taking taxi, MRT and bus -- not my normal choice of transport. Also, did much walking in packed malls and crowded pavements, things I dont do normally. And I must say, I became supersensitive to anyone who so much as coughed or sneezed near me-- and there must have been half a dozen! And a friend just asked me to drive up to KL with her, as she didn't want to fly or take the bus with strangers! We have all become very sensitised and it may not be a bad thing becos who knows when h1n1 mutates?

gigamole said...

Yeah, I think the only good thing is it has enhanced people's sensitivity to the possibility of getting infected. But it is a pretty unreal situation, 'cos being exposed to bugs is pretty much our body's usual way to build up resistance. We obviously do not, and cannot live in a sterile bubble.

Paranoia doesn't serve us well.