Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu - better safe than sorry

The MOH has raised the alert level from green to yellow, and the hospital environment is congested with long visitor queues, with fully decked out screening teams. But despite the congestion, to the hospital's credit, things are moving smoothly, albeit slowly. And to the public's credit, they have been very understanding and there have been few real complaints.

In my opinion the world has probably overreacted to the impending pandemic. In a week or so things will be clearer and we will know if this pandemic scare is just hysteria or a real danger to us all. Currently there have been no deaths outside Mexico, but that might change. For the moment it looks like the virus either rapid attenuates after initial infection, or that the deaths are just the tip of a very big iceberg, which really means the infection has a very low mortality.

Anyway, we'll find out soon. In any case, given the previous SARS experience, the MOH is wise to 'overreact', and it is better to be safe first than sorry later.

Keep safe.

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