Friday, April 3, 2009

Finishing well....dying well.

While taking my usual digs at the Straits Times, I have to compliment them on the excellent series of article they did in today's papers on 'dying well'. I think they were a timely contribution, sensitively done. So congrats ST, well done!

Helping our elderly approach the end of their journey is such an important service that the community needs. Apart from just making sure they have adequate Medisave and $$ to pay for illnesses and hospitalization, the need a well constructed and compassionate set of services that will help them ensure the last years are lived out in peace and contentment. I am not just refering to social support services when they get into trouble. Rather the access to positive, pro-health services that encourage the elderly to pre-empt problems because by the time difficulties emerge, the will or ability to resolve these are at their weakest.

Why not have services to facilitate making of wills? Legal advise on resolution of difficult domestic legal issues? Social counselling services that encourage and facilitate conflict resolutions within families? Spiritual counselling for those who need? Friendship services for those who are alone or are incapacitated in some way or other?

So much food for thought.

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