Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tabebuia rosea - our cherry blossoms!

The Spring or Vernal equinox occurs at about March 20-21 every year. This is the occasion when the sun is vertically overhead the equator. By traditional reckoning, the Spring equinox (春分) is regarded as mid Spring.

In Japan, the Spring equinox ushers in the cherry blossom festival, while in China it seems to appear a month earlier.

For us the closest we get to having a cherry blossom festival is the annual blooming of the pink and white tecomas (Tabebuia rosea and roseo-alba). These South American flowering trees are magnificent when they burst into bloom in a wonderfully synchronized fashion. They have been wisely and strategically planted along various road stretches so tha during this time of year it just a splendid show of these pink and white flower covered trees. I know there is a short but now beautiful stretch on the AYE near Marina, and a lovely stretch along Buono Vista.

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