Friday, February 6, 2009

Ms Ho Ching to leave Temasek!

Image 'curi-ed' from Asia1

I was truly surprised by the announcement that Ms Ho Ching was leaving Temasek Holdings.

I haven't been particularly enamored by the fact that the wife of our Prime Minister, and daughter-in-law of the MM was running our nation's biggest business holdings. Eighth most powerful woman in the world! Not that there was anything dishonest about it but it just didn't make good sense to perpetuate the suspicions that this was just part of a business as per normal for the Lee dynasty.

But the announcement yesterday put all that to rest. And I celebrate it.

I further celebrate the fact that the transition of power was done in such an open, objective, professional and dignified manner. In a world where ruling elites secretly and not so secretly amass great wealth for their families through corrupt dealings, this public transition deserves to be applauded.

Thank you Ms Ho for all that you have done and accomplished on our behalf.

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