Sunday, August 19, 2012

The cyclist-motorist conflict - It's time the LTA did something

A paralysis of indecision happens when someone cannot decide between two or more courses of action that will independently lead to conflicting outcomes. We have seen how this can affect regulatory agencies such as the HSA, when trying to decide between pleasing the biomedical industry and protecting public interests A proper balance between conflicting outcomes may be difficult to strike. The indecisive will often just sit on their hands, and hope the problem will blow away, or at the very least stay away until the decision maker can escape to another, usually higher appointment.

The problems between cyclists and motorists have been brewing for a very long time. It's not as if the LTA has not been aware of it. Gigamole had posted before on this conflict almost exactly 2 years ago. Yet no action had been taken since then. Recently, this has blown up again because of some tragic and unnecessary accidents between cyclists and motorists. 

An increasing cyclist lobby are rightfully clamouring for more space, more consideration and more safety. On the other hand motorists say cyclists are often irresponsible on the roads, that motorists feel they have more rights to, as they pay road taxes while cyclists do not. Truth be told, both parties do engage in risky, irresponsible behaviour. Who is right?

It is during times like this that the LTA need to step in and openly declare the appropriate boundaries, physical as well as behavioural. It is in this situation that the LTA has been neglectful, and in my mind irresponsibly indecisive. I can appreciate their dilemma. On one hand they do not want to restrict the behaviour and recreational choices of the growing cycling population. Yet the road system is far from adequate to accommodate both cyclist and motorist needs. Motoring traffic is congested enough as it is already. S what does LTA do....? It appears they just want to sit on their hands and hope the problem will be delayed to the next cohort of managers.

So here is Gigamole pleading again with the LTA.... please do something about this. Before more unnecessary deaths occur. Make the rules clear to both the cycling and motoring populations, and be committed to enforce them until such time as behavioural norms can be established.

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