Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dr Yahaya Sanusi's Mango Tree - a poem for our times

I reproduce an excerpt of Dr Yahaya Sanusi's "Mango Tree" here. It's a wonderful poem that spoke so much to me about the travails of our time - the passing of the old, the abandonment of the weak, voiceless and powerless for new commercializations, the loss of our soul.

tapi apa kan daya 
waktu telah tiba 
mereka membunuh aku bila aku tak terdaya 
mereka pengecut, penipu 

aku mati untuk kau hidup 
kau adalah warisanku 
jagalah martabatmu 
selamat tinggal 

(the time has come 
and now it's done 
they take me down, I cannot fend 
cowards and liars, they still pretend 

I die, so that you live 
my legacy, you shall receive 
hold your head high with dignity 
fare thee well till eternity 
my dear)

The full poem and the story of Hidayah Amin's mango tree can be found at Ms Amin's Gedung Kuning blogsite.

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