Friday, June 25, 2010

Prof R Kanagasuntheram - why we cannot recognize the inspirational amongst us.

Last Saturday, an ex-teacher of mine from medical school passed away. He was in many ways an inspirational teacher of Anatomy - knowledgeable, always caring about his science, and especially of his students. Although he had retired from academic life many years ago, many came forward toexpress their condolences.

But the University and Medical School have remained fairly silent. I am not surprised.

Our institutions here find it very difficult to recognize greatness in our midst. They prefer to laud the highly visible achievers from the West who never contributed anything significant to our development. Or big 'Johnny come lately' donors. So you will find not find any lecture theatres, or buildings called after local heros.

So sad.

Why are we so afraid to be gracious? So reluctant to recognize our own people?


Anonymous said...

There was a long article on Prof Kana on the NUH Intranet - written by Dr Tay SS. A inadequate memorial, but something none the less


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