Friday, June 4, 2010

NKF short of money?? You must be kidding....

The headlines in one of ST's reports screams "NKF short of money and nurses".

Really? I am not disputing the nursing shortage....this is probably something being experienced in every sector of health care. But short of money??

The report is very similar to the one floated in Nov 2009.

While I am not criticizing NKF for doing great work with kidney disease, I have 2 questions:

a] What is wrong in occasionally, or even habitually dipping into the reserves? Especially if the reserves are in access of S$250,000,000.00?

b] Why is it perceived that somehow renal patients are more deserving of charitable support than patients with other chronic or catastrophic diseases....? That NKF should sit on such great wealth while other charities are languishing?


Anonymous said...

In answer to your second question - it's probably because NKF has done a better job of raising awareness of the plight of renal patients. It doesn't mean that other patients with chronic/catastrophic diseases are less deserving, but perhaps they do not enjoy the support of such a vocal and resourceful NGO.

angry doc said...

In other words: marketing