Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lapses in audit? Suggest they check if MOE's budget for medical education has been appropriately used.

The Public Accounts Committee released its report on the MDA, MTI, MOE and Mindef showings lapses in the audit books.

It's all very interesting, but seems like chicken feed to me.

From where I am sitting, it always seems to me that whatever has been budgeted for medical education always seems like not enough. I have always wondered if the MOE budget for training of medical undergraduates, which I understand is based on number of graduating doctors, has been appropriately spent by the medical school. The number of students per graduating class has increased, so the total budget (MOE budget and school fees) must have gone up. The number of students per lecture theatre has gone up so the classroom cost per student must have gone down. The number of labs have been slashed, so the costs of providing labs must have gone down. The problem based learning platform that they migrated to some years ago utilizes 'non-expert tutors (facilitators)' the cost of tutoring must have gone down.

So if the budget has gone up and teaching costs gone come the shortfall appears going up?

To what extent is the increasing costs due to non-teaching expenditure, such as research related ventures. I wonder if the Public Accounts Committee had looked into this?

Watch out for the next round of student fee increase.


Anonymous said...

just so you know, the last time this question was voiced to the dean's office, their reply was 'the money goes towards paying for air conditioning of the lecture theatres'. A grand total of two lecture theatres that leak water when it rains..

gigamole said...

:) sorry to have missed this comment.

I think it is without doubt that the education budget has largely been diverted into research support. A case of chasing after short term gains as compared to investing for longer term outcomes.

Don't know who makes these decisions, but they should be held accountable for the hollowing out of the medical education.