Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Worker's safety: Fluorescent safety vests - what's the point?

It is wonderful to see a greater number of workers routinely put on those high visibility vests in the work place. Now that there is so much construct around the Bukit Timah area, I see them all the time. I think it is mandated by the Worker's Health and Safety Act, but I can't seem to access the MOM website and download the Act.

But what seems obvious to me is that the construction sites, and their managers appear only to be concerned with the appearance of being 'safety conscious' without actually being 'safe'.

What's the point of making the workers dress up in all those fluorescent green high visibility vests, when most of them are so faded and dirty that they are no more visible than a dirty t-shirt.

General requirements for a high visibility safety best can be found at this eHow site. According to the site, "The American Traffic Safety Services Association estimates that safety vests worn on a daily basis have a service life expectancy of approximately 6 months. Apparel that isn't worn daily may last as long as 3 years. Vests worn for very dirty work, work in hot climates or work at high altitudes may be more subject to fading and soiling and may not last as long. Any garment that is not visible from at least 1,000 feet away, both day and night, should be replaced."

Somehow i don't think our construction sites care. Perhaps the MOM should look into this.

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Bobbi Holberg said...

My dad has ansi class 2 safety vests. Before I wonder why he's wearing those every morning he's biking or jogging along the park. Then someone told me that colored vests help to avoid accidents among bikers and joggers because they can be easily noticed by drivers. After he told me about it, I've gotten interested in having some ansi class 3 safety vests, because roads that I pass by everyday are prone to accident (I'm using a bike when I go to work).