Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Care for the dying...

Caught a glimpse of Minister of Health Mr Khaw Boon Wan's comments on the front page of the Straits Times about how the State has come round to recognizing that it needed to play a bigger role in caring for the aging population and the terminally ill. It's about time. He is a good man, if he truly believes in this, and will truly allocate adequate resources to make it work. But this is not a small problem. It is also a burgeoning problem. His declaration that the MoH will increase the 125 hospice spaces by 20% is a grand gesture of intent. But it is a minuscule effort given the size of the problem. Care for the dying, is not just about bed space. It is not only about medical care. It is about providing for a whole range of services that will look after the dying's social and emotional needs. It is about the writing of wills, and reconciliations between family members. Is the MoH really serious about this? I really sincerely hope so.

Minister Khaw, thank you. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but we really need much much more.

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