Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our hospitals' creative definitions of charity.....

Leong Sze Hian's expose on the NUH (Patient Care Charity Fund) and TTSH  Community and Charity Funds' use of collected money provided another jaw dropping moment for Gigamole.

What's going on here?

How can you use funds collected under the guise of charity to pay for education and training of staff, and the building of hospital infrastructure? For the NUH Fund, only 52% of expenditure apparently went to needy patients, while 48% went to medical education, training and research. For the TTSH Fund, apparently only 47% went to real charity-worthy needs. The rest of the expenditure apparently went to finance the building of infrastructure in the form of a new Emergency Diagnosis and Therapy Centre.

If these revelations are true, Gigamole is extremely offended. Clearly these are abusing donor's and patient's trust, not to mention demeaning to the idea of charity.

The Commissioner of Charities should have something to say about these.

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