Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sunday Times greatest mess up of all time - ROTFL!!!

I was literally ROTFL as I read this morning's Sunday Times report on Euro 2012. Even as a non soccer fan, I was able to pick up a gazillion hilarious typos. Someone had a bit much ethanol last night and didn't do the proof before print! To be fair, the article was attributed to the Times, London. But still.....  :)

See if you can pick out more errors than me...

Hero 2012
Andrews Anisette
Zealander Del Pierre
Diego Marauding
Lineal Mess
ghostly pale modified player
Serge Roams
Cyst Fibreglass, Spain attacking modified

I didn't even try to decipher the nicknames - Little Ghost, Pale knight and Liver Atom.

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Anonymous said...

One mess (pun intended) after another. Some heads must surely roll, right Warren?