Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get tough on speeding? Why the kid gloves in the first place?

DPM Teo Chee Hean posted on Facebook that he wanted the Traffic Police to get tough with reckless drives and speedsters.  Better late than never.

The question is why did the Traffic Police have kid gloves on in the first place? Why the reluctance to prosecute these illegal street racers? Why did they have to wait till the DPM chides them for being soft, and tell them to get tough?

Still, it was good that DPM Teo took it up. As I said, better late than never. Unfortunately it was 2 lives too late.


Anonymous said...

Ask wong kan seng and his boss lhl..

I think enforcement in a lot of areas have slackened off in Singapore over the past 5 years at least

Anonymous said...

DPM Teo would be most happy to get TP enforced in this area because it meant extra revenue to them.

What really matters and what he's not addressing is whether PRC drivers should retake their theory and practical test like everyone else, and ban direct license conversion given their bad world track records. This sort of discrimination is based on statistical evidence, and many other countries have already done that. SG just let them have it too easy/good.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think all animals are equal?
A guy driving a special edition 599 GTO and a taxi-driver (lowest class animal / amoeba on the road) will get the same treatment from the traffic police?
If I were the TP, I will be so scared shit if I see a speeding Ferrari, maybe I kena whack back in the station for stopping some VIP.

Singapore should review all foreigner licenses.
We singaporeans got to jump hoops and loops to get that piece of paper, while all the foreigners do, is apply international license, etc. Like NS, we kena left right centre, and the foreigners just benefit and take all the women.

theonion said...

Anon May 18

Well, we have another driver now, a singaporean in a lexus, so all ricjh singaporeans should be reviewed?

Dora said...

Yes, they should not wait to get a wake up call before getting into action.