Thursday, March 15, 2012

The public transport monster under the bed

So, yet another train fiasco. Just that this time, it is SBS Transit in the hotseat.

Try as I may, after many futile hours/days, Gigamole has come round to the reluctant realization that Gigamole is really too intellectually challenged to understand all the convoluted arguments explaining the Government's infusion of S$1.1 billion to the public transport operators. To Gigamole it cannot be anything other than putting money into the hands of the shareholders of inept and inefficient transport operators.

The privatisation of public transport created the initial illusion that the Government was distanced from the responsibilites of managing public transport. The monster appeared to lurk in the basement far from Governement coffers. But the precipitate and almost panic-strickened dumping of S$1.1 billion to plug the leaking boat speaks volumes about where the monster truly lived. Right under the Government's own bed.

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Anonymous said...

otherwise called socialisation. We've had many such transfers to the private/pseudo-private sectors e.g. to recapitalise our banks, and now it's the long-apparent inefficiencies of our 2 beloved public transport monopolies.