Friday, February 10, 2012

Gerontophobia hits Singapore!

There is actually a medical term that describes people with an abnormal fear of old people - 'gerontophobia'. But that is really too kind a description for the people in Woodlands and Toh Yi who objected so strenuously to the plans for eldercare services in their community. To my mind these people were just plain and simple - self-centred, selfish anal orifices.

But apart form this obvious truth, I wonder if the problem might have been averted if the plans for eldercare in Singapore might have been better explained and elaborated upon. Unfortunately for the uninformed it might appear that the planned-for eldercare services were just going to me one or two showcase units plonked into unsuspecting communities to service the whole of Singapore.

Unfortunately, the City For All Ages Project did not go into details about how these plans were going to transform Singapore. Why didn't they just come out and say that these eldercare services were going to be inserted into all communities just as you have community centres everywhere? These eldercare services should be numerous and fully integrated into every community. If these were made clear, then Woodlands and Toh Yi were not going to be stand alone shoulderers of the Singapore burden for looking after our aged.
But there is still time for the MCYS to explain. Meanwhile it really doesn't excuse the boorish and unacceptable behaviour of Woodlands and Toh Yi residents. Shame, shame.

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auntie lucia said...

G8 post Giga. Think those who objected to the eldercare facilities probably don't plan to grow old themselves! Or don't have parents or inlaws who are "old". :D!

In any case, when did the HDB sell the void decks to the flat-lessees?