Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who cares about the f***ing F-word?

NTU does it again!
But who really cares about the f***ing F-word nowadays, apparently?

What we care about is the education of an elite crop of graduates who feel that vulgarities are a way of life, and whose vocabulary is so limited that joy and exhilaration is best expressed with a profanity.

So what if she apologises. Shame on you, NTU!


Anonymous said...

It's a generational thing. Our generation learnt our hokkien vocab in NS, they now learn their English stuff younger and from the world everyday. They can't distinguish the occasion anymore. To be sure, the university will go into lockdown mode for the next valedictorian. Except the horse has already bolted. Years before.

auntielucia said...

Actually, the "fxxx" word has been around a long time, even in this part of the world and among the educated. Difference is in the "old days" it's seldom/never used in gatherings of more than 2, for fear of reaction: looked down upon than looked up and be emulated.

Guess nowadays, the fxxx word is considered the verbal cool equivalent of men wearing earrings, homo n hetro alike? :-D

gigamole said...

You know, AuntieL, I don't really care about the word. My children use it all the time....especially when I am not around. But you see, that's really the point. While that f*** word can be a normal part of contemporary converstaion, they have enough common sense to know it is inappropriate in certain contexts and company. And they respect other people's sensitivities where use of the f*** word is concerned. What we see here is the university condoning actions by a leader of their student population blatently pandering to self interests and gratification and being utterly disrecpectful of the audience present and the dignity of the occasion.

If this is student centred learning, then I don't want any of this in our schools and universities.