Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Singapore Pledge, as never heard or witnessed before

The Singapore Pledge

One of the amazing and most memorable things about this GE - seeing the Pledge taken as passionately and so committedly as never witnessed before in all the years since independence.

And this coming from an opposition rally.

Where and how did the PAP get it all so wrong?


auntielucia said...

Wah, u've returned to blogging with a vengeance!

My brother who's a doctor was talking abt Dr Tambyah's speech last nite n u got it all there! Btw, I think Dr T was supposed to stand fr SDP but didn't go ahead in the end.

Lastly, "the ability of the SDP to re-engineer itself away from the self-destructive unnecessarily combative antics of their founder-leader etc" -- think CSJ is only a leader not a founder; that honor belongs to CSJ whom he ousted.. looks like the bootie is now in the other footie!

May the best team win today!

gigamole said...

haha....yeah, quite right. Thanks for pointing it out. I stand corrected, despite your mixing up your T and J. :)