Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I was horrified this morning to pick up the Straits Times and read those incredibly racist remarks about racial profiling by Dr Lee Wei Ling.

Really unexpected. And surprised that the newspaper allowed that through.

I wonder how she would feel to be on the receiving end of some really negative "racial profiling". And how she would go about "racial profiling" our ethnic groups here in Singapore.

C'mon Wei Ling, you're way wrong about this.

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

yup, i read and reread the article. on 2nd reading it didnt come across as so rascit as it felt on first reading. the title of the article is however misleading and grossly in appropriate. Views like this create a lot of problems for minorities all over the world and for dark skinned people all over the world at airport security checks!

gigamole said...

Problem is you can get quite inured to this mind of reasoning, and the more often these kind of views gets aired the more 'acceptable' it becomes. And the extendable the reasoning can get.

If some 'races' are smart, there must be others who are stupid.