Friday, February 12, 2010

Singapore Medical Council's case against Dr Devathasan overruled!

The decision taken by the Court of Appeal to overrule The Singapore Medical Council Disciplinary Committee's punitive judgement on Dr Devathasan is a timely slap in the face for the SMC, and is a timely reminder to the SMC of how badly her procedures and logic lack either system or clarity. The SMC should do a study of the Court of appeal's reasons for overruling.

See my previous post on this.

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Tang Li said...

Yes, interesting to see how the SMC has taken a beating in a few instances against doctors.

Was watching the SMC's case against Susan Lim. Although the numbers have had the lion's share of media attention, the real story was in the inbuilt conflict of interest between MOH and SMC.

Director Medical Services MOH is also the Registrar of the SMC. This made MOH, the complainant against Dr Lim the judge in the case against her. Lawyer tried hard to argue that this was OK.

I may not be legally trained but that seems like a blatant conflict of interest.