Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate change and flat-earthers - the emergence of dogma.

Did anyone else notice the Straits Times editorial today about climate change? It was entitled "To climate control, add thought control".

The opinions expressed in the editorial was reasonable enough but what was really scary was the leader to the editorial, on the top left hand corner of Page 2, under the caption Viewpoints....

"The science of climate change and its conclusions are settled. The sceptics must be denied, or precious time will be lost in futile disputation."

Conclusions settled? Sceptics must be denied? Seems to me that AGW has indeed moved from a scientific hypothesis to become scientific dogma and orthodoxy. It is ironic that they label sceptics as flat-earthers.

Just to make things clear with regards to my position....I have no vested interest in taking sides in this debate. I am inclined to believe global warming is happening, but I remain unconvinced that it is entirely man-made.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for references to Climategate in The Straits Times. I've been aware of climategate the day the emails were released.

The only mention of Climategate I've found so far was in the article about the IPCC downplaying the significance of the emails. It seems that The Straits Times are such global warming alarmists that they seek to hide the existence the email.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I don't identify myself as a Anthropogenic Global Warming denier. I'm just a layperson who is deferring to a reputable climate scientist with seems less politically motivated. Richard Lindzen gives a good overview of the state of "consensus" in climate science:


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gigamole said...

It seems the mainstream media and the other personalities involved are pretty keen to keep the debate off the air so that opinions can be more manipulated.

I didn't start off as a conspiracy theorist, and there probably isn't a global conspiracy, but the predominant silence of the main and tradition media plus the blanket attack of anyone holding alternative perspectives to AGW (even the average hoi palloi who do not receive a single cent from industry) does make one wonder if there is indeed anything to hide.