Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama - A President for the world

So it happens tonight - the inauguration of the first black President in US history. My family and I will stay up and watch this historic occasion. I don't particularly like the US. In fact I find many aspects of it quite off-putting. But even I have to admit that this unlikely event of a black african man being crowned as the President of a white anglo-saxon world,where once africans were mere slaves, can only happen in the US. And for nothing else, this is worth celebrating. So whatever my sentiments about the US, and whatever our feelings about US failed global leadership, I am going to stay up and celebrate this historic occasion with my family.

This man is a strange and unique personality. I don't know of anybody else who has that charismatic appeal who can command such a strong global following. It has been reported that some 2 million people will be present at the ceremony. But beyond that the whole world watches. And it doesn't matter one bit what nationality you are, what race, colour or creed, the global community celebrates tonight.

A girl could easily fall for this tall, virile young man. Smart, sensitive and principled, he stands head and shoulders above his peers. A distinct lack of stuffiness that characterises most politicians, he is both serious and hip at the same time.

But what a burden he carries upon his shoulders. Easily the hope of the whole world...that somehow under his leadership the world may be ushered into an era of peace and tolerance, where the colour of one's skin does not matter. President Obama, you have our prayers, and I am sure the prayers of the world as well. Be strong for us. There are not many opportunities to make the wrongs right again. If there is anyone can humanly do this you can.

President Obama, jia you!

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