Saturday, December 13, 2008

Euthanasia #8 - an option of last resort

Euthanasia cannot be an option of first choice in any society. It is always an option of last resort. I am not a champion of euthanasia, but grudgingly recognize that it may represent a final solution to a small group of patients for which palliation has failed.

If euthanasia is to be legalized and offered as a solution, society will have to pay a high ethical/moral price.

Euthanasia, thus should only be an option only for the members of that society. It should not be part of a commercialized set of activities. I could never condone euthanasia, if offered in the context of a globalized medical hub concept. I could never ever support Singapore becoming an euthanasia capital of the world, which it will definitely be should we offer euthanasia services to non-citizens.

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